Profile: Vah Vue, Education Specialist

Profile: Vah Vue, Education Specialist
Vah Vue, is the oldest child of Ge and Houa Vue, she obtained her Ed.S in field of psychology from California State University of Fresno in May of 2016. Despite marriage life and being a mother of a young 2 year old, she continue to reach for her highest potential. She completed her BA in psychology from UC Davis. She currently works with the Special Education Department as a school psychologist for Fresno Unified School District. Her passion is dedicated equally as a mother and school psychologist. She work closely with teachers by providing effective instruction and strategies to children with special needs.

Ge and Houa Vue came to United States in 1979 as refugees. They were married in their early teens at 16 & 13 years of age. They raised four children, while the father worked as a truck driver for Dr. Pepper and Snapple and mother is a resource teacher for Twin Rivers Unified School District. They managed to raised four well-educated children all attending colleges.
Posted: Jan 7, 2017,