Record year for Hmong Americans in politics

Record year for Hmong Americans in politics
"A historic record year for the Hmong American community of 300,000 who either came to this country as refugees or were born to parents of political refugees from Laos only 40 years ago with 17 elected officials in local and state offices" Yee Chang, chair of the Progressive Hmong American Organizers.

1. MN State Senator Foung Hawj (2016)
2. MN State Representative-Elect Fue Lee (2016)
3. Brooklyn Park Councilwoman-Elect Susan Kaying Pha (2016)
4. Minneapolis Councilman Blong Yang
5. St. Paul City Councilman Dai Thao
6. Maplewood Councilman Tou Xiong
7. Walnut Grove Councilman Xiong Yang (2016)
8. St. Paul School Board Member Chue Vue
9. Eau Claire School Board Member Charles Vue (term ends 2017)
10. Eau Claire Councilman Michael Xiong (2016)
11. Wausau School Board Member Mary Thao (2016)
12. Marathon County Supervisor Yee Leng Xiong (2016)
13. Elk Grove Mayor-Elect Steve Ly (2016)
14. Merced Councilman Noah Lor (term ends 2017)
15. Merced County Supervisor-Elect Lee Lor (2016)
16. Sacramento School Board Member-Elect Maiv Yaj Vaj (2016)
17. Sanger School Board-Elect Brandon Vang (2016)

Posted: Nov 9, 2016,